Issue 1

Thank you for visiting my blog magazine, Mirror Yvette! I’m writing under the pseudonym Yvette,and the name of this online space where I spew thoughts on various areas of interest is meant to be a pun on ‘mirror effect’,as I hope this space can,apart from mildly entertaining you,rekindle some thoughts and make you reflect about what is important to you.

Perhaps it’s a good time to try to answer the age old question of Why I Write? The answer to this question will be different for many people,but as long as it’s your most honest answer,I think it doesn’t matter what your answer is. For me,I write simply because I don’t derive more satisfaction from doing anything else. I feel the calling and urge to write something everyday,be it a song,a journal post,a fiction/short story,an article at work,or just some thoughts in my personal notebook. I need to write: it’s as natural a thing to do for me as going to the washroom everyday. As I busy myself with maintaining this blog,I’m also engaged in other activities and writing projects that will hopefully bring me more satisfaction and results in time to come.

And so I hope by being a reader of this modest space where I record a part of my existence,you can find out what’s that something in life that you live for as well.

This will be a weekly project,and the next update will be on 8 June.


Warm regards,


1 June 2008


In this Issue:


Film: Taxidermia

Performances/Gigs: Sonos ‘e Memoria 

Books: ‘The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy ‘and ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’


Guest blogger: My Love Affair with Italian Football


Lost in Bangkok


National Insecurity

电灯泡 (Lightbulb)


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