About Mirror Yvette

This idea of starting an online magazine came to me in a flash when I was reading an article on blogging on the New York Times website. I’m a fourth year Communications and English undergraduate from Singapore,and I love writing. I especially love writing about the things I enjoy doing and find satisfaction in,and very often the issue of whether I was oversharing online would come up. And so I’ve decided to create a space for myself where I can place my more objective and less emotionally-charged thoughts on the things I love: music,football,literature,film and the arts. It’s a space for me to organise my interests and share my views on anything that I have an opinion on.

This website is still undergoing a lot of changes,and I’m still working on content creation. But at the moment,the various sections that I have in mind are:

Review: A section where I talk about the music I’ve been listening to, books I’ve read, films I’ve watched and performances I’ve caught.

Reflect: A section where I reflect on more serious things that I care about,such as politics,feminism,culture and intellectualism

Recharge: A section where I share my football-watching experiences. I support Italy and AC Milan and have been doing so for 10 years.

Reload: A section where I post pictures I’ve taken or found interesting.

React: A section where I invite friends/guest bloggers to post on any issue they care about.

电灯泡(Lightbulb): A column for my essays in Chinese.

Content will take some time to be generated. Thanks for your patience. This is meant to be a weekly project,as I take those time to gather and consolidate my thoughts and materials.

I hope you have a great time reading this space,and feel free to post comments,bookmark this page or do anything that will make you come back again. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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